Mahendra Nath Mulla: A Martyr of INS Khukhri 1971

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Editor's note: This is an effort to remember the crew members of the INS Khukri. On 9 December 1971, the INS Khukri sank after it was torpedoed by a Pakistani submarine. The names of the 176 sailors and 18 officers who died are recorded below\; there were 67 survivors.

We invite their family members, friends, colleagues and others who knew them to send us their recollections about the martyrs. There will be a separate page for each person of the 194 INS Khukri martyrs. Please send all materials to This is an ongoing effort, and information will be added as it becomes available to us.

This page is for Mahendra Nath Mulla.

Interview Capt Mulla's Wife Mrs. Sudha Mulla


Film Division's Film on the War and Captain Mulla


From The War Decorated India Trust

Birth: 15 May 1926
Died: 09 Dec 1971

Citation for award of Mahavir Chakra

Two ships of the Indian Navy under the command of Captain M.N. Mulla, senior officer of frigate squadron, were assigned the task of locating and destroying a Pakistani submarine in the North Arabian Sea. During these operations on the night of 9 December 1971, INS "Khukri" was hit by torpedoes fired by the enemy submarine and sank. Having decided to abandon ship, Captain Mulla, without regard for his personal safety, supervised the arrangements for the rescue of his ship's company in very cool, calm and methodical manner. Even at a later stage whilst the ship was sinking, Captain Mulla showed presence of mind and continued to direct rescue operations and refused to save himself by giving his own life-saving gear to a sailor. Having directed as many of his men as possible to leave the ship, Captain Mulla went back to the bridge to see what further rescue operations could be performed. In doing so, Capt Mulla was last seen going down with his ship. His action and behaviour and the example he set have been in keeping with the highest traditions of the Service. Captain M.N. Mulla displayed conspicuous gallantry and dedication.




my father was serving on INS KHUKRI name:S.B SHINDE service no. ; 80442 rank ; leading who sank with ship i need more information abt him thanks .

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