Moments in Time: A Family Remembers

Editors: Kamakshi Balasubramanian & Mohan Raj



Kamakshi “Balasubramanian”  class=

. Kamakshi Balasubramanian, an educator and occasional writer, lives in Mysore in calm retirement. She enjoys reading and listening to good fiction, as well as books on history. She regularly plays bridge and one or two addictive computer games; she tries to stay healthy, has a few patchwork projects on hand at all times, and is committed to the practice of vipassana. Her life’s richness comes from the varied people she has known. She loves languages and knows English, Russian, and Hindi, in addition to her mother tongue, Tamil.

D. R. Mohan Raj

. A long-time resident of Hyderabad, D.R. Mohan Raj has lived in retirement since 2010 in Mysore, in southern India. A communications professional who worked across continents, he taught University courses in Journalism and Business Communication for one half of his professional career, and edited research and academic publications during the other half. He enjoys reading and watching Sports, especially Cricket and Tennis.

Editor’s introduction. We are happy to introduce here a family memory book edited and produced by Kamakshi Balasubramanian and her husband Mohan Raj. The book, Moments in Time: A Family Remembers, has already been privately printed. The whole book will be added as a downlodable pdf fie, once all the chapters have been posted on this website.

This article reproduces the front and end pages. The individual chapters will be posted on this website over the next few days.

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