Chapter 1: Of Temples and Towns

Savithri Natarajan


Savithri Natarajan, now a homemaker who lives in Chennai, has travelled a great deal, in India and in other parts of the world. Her interest in History has helped her enjoy those travels, especially as regards her fascination with the temples of India. She has taught high school and been a Vice-Principal. In addition, she has helped some underprivileged children to become literate. She now spends her time reading, following the current news, and listening to music and spiritual talks. She is also interested in needlecraft. She believes that her early education, upbringing, and close family ties have made her what she is today.

Editor’s introduction. This is Chapter 1 of a book of family memories, edited and produced by Kamakshi Balasubramanian and her husband Mohan Raj. The book, Moments in Time: A Family Remembers, has already been privately printed. The Introduction is available here:























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