G P Singh: A Martyr of INS Khukri 1971

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Editor's note: This is an effort to remember the crew members of the INS Khukri, a submarine. On 9 December 1971, the INS Khukri sank after it was torpedoed by a Pakistani submarine. The names of the 176 sailors and 18 officers who died are vailable here The Martyrs of INS Khukri 1971\; there were 67 survivors.

We invite their family members, friends, colleagues and others who knew them to send us their recollections about the martyrs. There will be a separate page for each person of the 194 INS Khukri martyrs. Please send all materials to indiaofthepast@gmail.com. This is an ongoing effort, and information will be added as it becomes available to us.

This page is for G P Singh


G P SIngh

G P Singh 19xx

Name: G P Singh
Service: Indian Navy
Rank: ERA IV
Service No: 052876
Born: dd Month 19yy
Commissioned: dd Month 19yy
Recorded date of death: 09 December 1971

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