Fish Kalputi

Rekha Rege


Rekha Rege

Rekha has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and works for the Bank of India. She loves reading and travelling. At present she is studying Vedanta. She lives with her husband in Mumbai.

This recipe has a very interesting history - that's what my mother-in-law told me. In the past, in Indian joint families, the men and children were served food first, and the women had to make do with whatever was left over.

The fish curry was made of the best fish pieces, and the head and tail pieces were not used. Most of the time, there would be hardly any fish curry left for the women after the men and children had finished eating. So the enterprising women would make this dish with the head and tail pieces for themselves!

This is a very simple recipe, but it has a unique flavour because of the ginger, green chillies and coriander. There is absolutely no garam masala, and yet it is very tasty. One of my favourites !

Serves 4 people


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