The Unforgettable

The Turmeric Trick by T.S. Nagarajan


T.S. Nagarajan (b.1932) is a noted photojournalist whose works have been exhibited and published widely in India and abroad. After a stint with the Government of India as Director of the Photo Division in the Ministry of Information, for well over a decade Nagarajan devoted his life to photographing interiors of century-old homes in India, a self-funded project. This foray into what constitutes the Indianness of homes is, perhaps, his major work as a photojournalist.

Gundu Rao was the postmaster at the Saraswatipuram sub-post office in Mysore during 1954-1956. But, he never behaved like a postmaster. He considered the post office his home. In fact, it was. He sold stamps, booked money orders, registered packets and even helped Gafoor, the postman, in the despatch work – all in one room. He used the other two rooms as his home.

He never took a day off. Even on the day of his father's death anniversary, somehow he managed to attend to his office work. Retired professors, pensioners and advocates living in Saraswatipuram, close to the University and the law courts in Mysore, liked him. He never made them wait at the window outside but allowed them to come inside to transact business.


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