main dish

Champu Tai’s Stuffed Brinjal Curry

Preeti Gurung


Veg, Main Dish, Mild, Western Coastal Region

Preeti Gurung

Preeti Gurung was born in post-Independence India. Since my father was in the Army, I grew up in Cantonment Towns all over North India. Now, I live in the US with my daughter and two delightful grandchildren. I retired in early 2013, and am enjoying being a Soccer (grand) mom to my grandchildren.  I volunteer in the Middle School/High School Marching Band Parents Association and in the Junior Girl Scouts. I have revitalized my green thumb. I make dishes from all over the world and enjoy reading. I am thoroughly enjoying my retirement after having worked for 40 years!

When I was 13, my father was transferred to Vietnam with the UN Peacekeeping Force, while my mother and I continued to live in a Cantonment town very close to the Pakistan border.

Shortly thereafter, the 1965 war between India and Pakistan broke out, and we were evacuated to New Delhi to live with Kamal akka, my father’s sister. She had a cook, Martumam, who had been in her husband’s family for years. In fact when Kamal akka got married, he came along, from her in-laws’ side and ruled her house with an iron fist!


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