The Unforgettable

Defying Sanjay Gandhi: A Civil Servant Remembers the Emergency

Retired IAS officer recalls the Emergency as a period of irresponsible and undemocratic government.

A Morning with Indira Gandhi

A photograph session with Indira Gandhi at her home in 1972. She had an aura around her. She appeared a stern person. Few knew her the way she really was.

A meeting with Prime Minister Nehru

Meeting with Prime Minister Nehru during which Nehru asked his daughter Indira Gandhi to make preparations so that Shah Nawa Khan could say his namaz.

My Memories of Dr. V. Kurien

Memories of Dr Kurien, who is considered the father of India's milk revolution

Indira Gandhi Interview 1971

Indira Gandhi talks about tension between India and Pakistan over East Pakistan

1962 Indo-Sino War: Photos from Time magazine

Photos of 1962 Indo-Sino War

INS Valsura in the 1965 War

Role of a naval shore based training establishment in the the 1965 Indo-Pak War

Can the basic structure of India’s Constitution be amended?

Supreme Court 1973 Decision that the basic structure of the Constitution cannot be amended.

Treating Chatur Lal, India’s famous tabla player

Memories of medical treatment of Chatur Lal, India's leading tabla player


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