Unexpected, enjoyable schooling in Nowgong

Preeti Gurung



I studied in eight different schools - moved around with my father who was in the Army - before getting a BSc degree from MSU Baroda in 1973.
Worked in Hotels in both India and USA for 41 years.
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My family had a sojourn at Nowgong, Madhya Pradesh from September 1962 to April 1963.

In 1962, my father, Major C. K. Panemanglor. was 2IC (2nd-in-Command) for the 1st. Sikh Light Infantry - they were known as The Fighting 1st Sikh L.I. He was based in Ambala, Punjab.

In September 1962, he was unexpectedly transferred to Nowgong in Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh, as Commandant of the Army Cadet College (formerly known as Kitchener College for Army Cadets). He was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel to take up this position. At that time, there was a great deal of tension going on between India and China. My father was genuinely upset that he was not going to fight in case war broke out between India and China.

We arrived in Nowgong in early September 1962 to great fanfare! There was a welcoming party with garlands, and a brass band playing. The Commandant from whom my father was taking over had already left to join his Battalion.

My parents - Lt. Col. C K Panemanglor and Mrs. Mira Panemanglor, Nowgong. 1962

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