“How to Make Lemonade” (If you are an officer)

Subodh Mathur



Late Khem Chandji was born in Alwar in 1911, and educated in St. Stephen's College, Delhi. In 1935, he got his first job as ‘Extra Naib Nazim' (a revenue officer below the district level) in the Princely State of Alwar. In 1937, he married Dayawanti from Agra in a civil law wedding. They had eight children. He rose to become a leading, respected, commanding IAS officer in Rajasthan. After he retired, he continued his hobbies of gardening and Urdu shayari. And, he indulged his grand-children. He passed away in 2004, 93  years old, in his garden in Jaipur, after he done a bit of gardening.

Khem Chand. In his garden. B-87 Ganesh Marg, Jaipur. Early 2000s.

Subodh Mathur, one his sons, writes: These papers of Mr. Khem Chand somehow did not surface until February 2018, nearly 14 years after he passed away. They were written in 1952, when he was 41 years old. He was the Collector of Jhalawar District at that time. There are places where we are unable to read his handwriting - indicated below. There are places where an explanation is useful, and is provided in [ ...].

The full handwritten document is attached as a pdf file.

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