Darjeeling Himalayan Railway



Official Indian Railway Website. http://dhr.indianrailways.gov.in/ Includes history.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society. http://www.dhrs.org/ Promotes awareness of, interest in and support  for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Extensive collection of photos, history, stories, and other material.

Official website of Darjeeling district. http://darjeeling.gov.in/dhr.html. Brief description.

BBC video. One hour long.

My School Days at St. Paul’s and Burma through Turbulent Times

Gautam Banerji


Gautam Banerji has a Master's from St Stephen's College, Delhi, an LL.B. from Delhi University, and an M.Sc.(Econ) degree from the London School of Economics.  He taught at an undergraduate college in Delhi, 1973-85, and worked for UNICEF 1985-96.  Then he moved to London to practice law. He served as the Judicial Advisor to the Judicial Development Institute, Baghdad, 2009-10 as a U.S. government contractor. He was a member of Commission for Sustainable London (2007-13). He continues as a Trustee and Board Member of Hindu Council, UK. Now fully retired, he lives in Dilijan, Armenia, with his wife, who teaches at United World College, Dilijan.

I was eleven years old when my father decided that my English was not English enough. So, he decided to send me to St. Paul's School Darjeeling to be groomed into a gentleman in the best of English public school tradition. In those days, St. Paul's was rated as Eton of the East, served by Scottish matrons and Irish nurses while Oxbridge graduates were tasked with ‘educating' young Indians for higher aspirations in life.

Moniti Meliora Sequamur ran the school motto: having been taught the higher ways, we followed. And the school song echoed much the same sentiment: "From the low and steamy plains, upward the old school calls!" rising to a crescendo with "Upward the old school calls, St Paul's! St Paul's! St Paul's!"

St Paul Darj

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