silk industry

Possibilities of sericulture industry in the Province of Bombay

E.S.. Ramanath


E. S. Ramanath specialised in sericulture and ericulture. In 1933, the Government of the Princely State of Mysore sent him to Japan to study the rearing of silk worms. He sailed in Tango Maru from Colombo in Sri Lanka to Tokyo - a journey of nearly a month. He worked primarily in Yokohama, Kyoto, and Nagasaki. Upon his return in 1935, he worked in Mysore State, where he was in charge of silk farms in in Kolar, Channapatna, Sidlaghatta, and Kunigal during different periods. The Government of the British-ruled Bombay Province availed of his expertise in the the rearing of silkworms, and funded a study, which is presented in the book below. E. S. Ramanath passed away in February, 1943, before he could truly see the fruits of his labour in the nascent silk industry in Bombay and Mysore States.

E. R. Ramachandran writes:

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