My Village, My Kith and Kin

M P Vasudevan


M. P. Vasudevan hails from a small village in Kannur district of Kerala state. After post-graduation in Zoology he worked on a research project at the University of Calicut. He joined the Central Board of Excise &amp\; Customs as a Preventive Officer through the Staff Selection Commission exam. He started at Goa Customs in 1981, and became Assistant Commissioner in 2014. He retired on superannuation in June 2015. Post-retirement, he devotes most of his time to maintaining his website http://www.referencer.in/, which serves as a reference library for both tax officers and tax payers under Government of India.

“Where am I?”

“Where are others?”

I am lost!

It was during April-May 1964 during my school annual vacation that my mother along with me and my younger brother had gone to stay with my father at Somwarpet. I was a nine year old boy who had just completed the fourth class. My father was working as a manager-cum-accountant-cum-driver in a big estate of one Mulliah.

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