India's First Independence Day

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Editor's note: This is a listing of stories and articles related to India's First Independence Day, 15 August 1947. In order to be comprehensive, the period actually covered is 14-16 August 1947

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Prime Minister Nehru Tryst with Destiny

Munir Kadri There Were A Million Revellers That Night - First Independence Day

R C Mody Independence Day 1947, Delhi

Arvind Kolhatkar Memories of August 15, 1947

Jayant S. Kalotra  First Independence Day in Delhi

Fauji Akhbar First Independence Day in Delhi

T.S. Nagarajan Remembering (?) the Day India Became Free

M. P. V. Shenoi Memories of Independence Day and Grandfather

Vijay Rohatgi Memories of Chandni Chowk and India's First Independence Day


Archived Videos

Universal Newsreel announcing Pakistan's independence to US audiences on August 14, 1947.

India gains independence - August 15th 1947

A New India: August 15 1947


External links

An American newspaper correspondent's account - Part 1

An American newspaper correspondent's account - Part 2

Aug 15, 1947: black marketeers had a field day in Khadki


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