The Martyrs of the 1962 War

Various sources

Editor's note: This is an effort to remember the Indian soldiers who died in the 1962 war against China.

We invite their family members, friends, colleagues and others who knew them to send us their recollections about the martyrs. There will be a separate page for each person of the 1962  martyrs. Please send all materials to This is an ongoing effort, and information will be added as it becomes available to us.

From a search on the Internet several years ago, I was able to find a list of the the Indian soliders who died in the war. The list is attached here. It may be incomplete or incorrect - I have no way of verifying it.

More than 3,000 Indian soldiers died in this war - the table below states 3,137 Indian soldiers died.

The file included a graph that showed when the casulaties occured. This graph is reproduced below.


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