Gur Iqbal Singh Sidhu: A Martyr of INS Khukhri 1971

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Editor's note: This is an effort to remember the crew members of the INS Khukri. On 9 December 1971, the INS Khukri sank after it was torpedoed by a Pakistani submarine. The names of the 176 sailors and 18 officers who died are vailable here The Martyrs of INS Khukhri 1971\; there were 67 survivors.

We invite their family members, friends, colleagues and others who knew them to send us their recollections about the martyrs. There will be a separate page for each person of the 194 INS Khukri martyrs. Please send all materials to This is an ongoing effort, and information will be added as it becomes available to us.

This page is for Gur Iqbal Singh Sidhu.

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Name: Gur Iqbal Singh Sidhu
Service: Indian Navy
Rank:  Sub Lieutenant
Service No: 
Born: dd Month 19yy 
Commissioned: dd Month 19yy
Recorded date of death: 09 December 1971

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